a new look
at the world!

Stereo glasses with 3D virtual screen projection of the mobile device


  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • 3D screens

Interactive features:

  • Current real-time data information on being in the field of view / requested object
  • Virtual 3D screen control of mobile device with help of gestures: «Click» on image elements, «Grab» image elements with your hand and move them around, flip through pages familiar mobile device gestures.
  • Operative search of information within specialized databases and search engines.

Main features for employees of special services:

  • Based on a license plate number — all vehicle data, its owner, traffic violations, etc.
  • All available information about a person based on their biometric data (person’s photograph).
  • Prompt requests and quick search through documents found and other information.
  • Measuring the distance to an object using the rangefinder function.
  • Positioning and direction within open and closed spaces, execution of additional commands with the heads-up display function (instructions, building or exterior plans).
  • Receiving images from other employees’ cameras, group coordination.
  • Reports (danger, presence of a person)

Technical Information:

  • Integrated on spectacles combination projector. That forms the image on the retina of the eyes and on two cameras providing the stereo base.
  • Processing of received image from the cameras by using special algorithms
  • Full-size virtual screen at a distance of 50 cm from the user
  • Control of projection elements of the 3D screen with the help of gestures