• Notebooks
  • Ultrabooks
  • Personal computers
  • Tablet PC
  • 3D screens

Interactive features:

  • Virtual keyboard: contactless entering data
  • Virtual mouse: use of common multi-touch gestures without having to touch the touch-sensitive screen
  • The opportunity to «take» in the hand and move virtual 3D objects
  • Wide spectrum of applications driven by gestures
  • Navigation through web pages and office documents with the help of gestures
  • Drawing in the «air»
  • Large-scale gaming performance: movement of the human body as the game controller


  • Detection of gestures only in the «work area»
  • No additional special scenes of lighting
  • Gesture control: virtual keyboard and mouse
  • Low cost of implementation
  • Powerful gaming wow-effect
  • Absence of markers and controllers

Technical information:

  • Two webcams on the laptop screen, which «see» gestures: determine the distance to objects and their movements
  • Absence of substantial loads on the processor
  • Support touch screen and multi-touch OS
  • Detection and tracking up to 10 objects (fingers) at once
  • Operating distance (depth of «working area») - from 20 cm to 150 cm from the screen, depending on the original size of cameras
  • Response time <40 ms