Computer Vision Systems is expanding its presence on the Dutch advertising market

2 April 2014

Computer Vision Systems continues the active exploration of the European interactive advertising market. In March 2014 the company launched a bright new project in the Netherlands, creating multifunctional interactive storefront in the historic city centre of Delft called "an open air museum" and "the absolute centre" of Holland.

The newest interactive advertisement segment is gaining recognition among leading manufacturers and retail chains with every year, becoming not only a fashionable but also the most effective tool of advertising strategy. Computer Vision Systems has created Viziware, a line of modular solutions that allows advertisers to offer their potential customers a wide range of interactive features and to choose the best options of screen advertising. The Viziware system can transform digital advertising into gesture-operated interactive content on any screen or display case both indoors and outdoors. The solution can also collect advertisement performance statistics, which may become a rich and reliable source of marketing data for the advertisers. The installations created by the company experts are unique. Every client of Computer Vision Systems receives an individually tailored solution that covers all the needs of the advertiser.

The increasingly popular products include showcases for museums, theatres, and shops. One of the latest projects of Computer Vision Systems demonstrates the broad advertising, informational, social and educational opportunities that can be implemented using an interactive showcase and well thought-out content. The project was implemented in the city centre of Delft, the Netherlands at a vintage costume studio shop. Barbara van Gelder, the studio owner interested in the history of her town, was inspired by the idea of ​​creating an interactive showcase telling the history of the building that used to be on the site of the studio. The building was associated with the life of the famous Dutchman named Hugo Grotius. He was an outstanding statesman in the late XVI - early XVII centuries, widely known for his achievements in law, drama, philosophy, and poetry. Barbara's idea was supported by ​​the Delft authorities and the City Museum with an exhibition devoted to Grotius. The interactive application showcase educates the visitors about the life of Hugo Grotius and also tells them about the services provided by the vintage costume studio shop in a fascinating way. Visitors can virtually "leaf through" the colourful presentation of the biography, and can even "become" the great Dutchman by photographing themselves in the photo frame (a face cut-out) of Hugo’s portrait and instantly share the image on Facebook.

This example demonstrates only one side of the Viziware interactive features. Depending on their goals, the advertisers can add catalogues of goods and services to the interactive content showcases, create promotional videos, place detailed information about the company, design trademark games, and more. The portfolio of projects completed by Computer Vision Systems confirms that interactive advertising is actively helping companies attract new customers, support brand recognition, involve consumers in new forms of interaction and allows them to analyse and consequently improve this interaction.