Computer Vision Systems and Intel Presented a Joint Booth at TrendShow Moscow 2012

9 June 2012

The TrendShow Moscow 2012 exhibition of XXIst century trends was held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, from May 18th to the 20th. The most recent and innovative trends — the latest achievements of modern living — were presented: future technologies, electronics, 3D games, modern design, visual arts, fashion, architecture, education and employment.

TrendShow’s main attraction was Intel Corporation’s interactive exhibit. It presented the new “Ultrabook” class of mobile personal computers and the astonishing potential of innovative technologies. These could become an integral part of smart devices in the near future, thanks to the inclusion of “specialized stuffing”.

Computer Vision Systems’ (CVS) interactive application integrated within the Intel ultrabook garnered considerable attention from exhibition visitors — children as well as adults. The Corporation’s representatives underscored the joint project’s great popularity among TrendShow visitors. They expressed the opinion that the Russian company’s product will appeal to computer end-users.

Computer Vision Systems developed a captivating “finger-painting” application expressly for the exhibition. It clearly demonstrated the ViEye gesture control system’s potential to event participants. All those interested had the opportunity to draw a picture or write a word on the ultrabook’s screen using hand gestures, without the use of controllers or any type of data input device. They could also scale the image or move it around the screen’s surface. The exhibition’s hosts enjoyed trying their hand as both painters and users of future technology.

Drawing with gestures is only one of the possible applications for ViEye technology. Using a passive stereo vision system, we can control any electronic device, home appliance, personal computer or 3D mobile device — without touching it. This technology can be successfully applied within the automotive, medical and security service infrastructure industries. It can also be used to enhance exhibition booths, or control appliances and smart devices.

The joint project between Computer Vision Systems and Intel atTrendShow Moscow was the first step towards founding a partnership with the Corporation. Intel didn’t dismiss the possibility of including ViEye gesture recognition technology in coming generations of ultrabooks. Implementation isn’t difficult from a technical standpoint. It’s only necessary to equip the ultrabook with a second webcam, and a microchip containing specialized algorithms. This will make it possible to control the device using gestures.