«Computer Vision Systems» received a grant from the Skolkovo

16 December 2011

On December, 2011, «Computer Vision Systems» («Systemy Kompyuternogo Zreniya») a subsidiary of JSC «Lanit-Tercom», received a grant from the Skolkovo.

This event is the beginning of a long-term cooperation between «CVS» and the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Investment volumes in 2012 will 80 million rubles. 50% of which will provide Skolkovo Foundation, and 50% - co-investor - CJSC «LANIT». The funds will be directed to the improvement of the innovative solution ViEye and to continue research into stereo vision.

Developed by the company a passive gesture recognition system - ViEye, allows you to manage devices and enter data using gestures, was among the project participants, the IT cluster Innovation Center Skolkovo in July 2011.

The unique technology used in the solution of the «CVS», allows you to tailor the work of hardware and software for different tasks. The main application for this technology is the control of complex home entertainment systems (GoogleTV, AppleTV), computers and 3D mobile devices. This technology can be successfully applied to electronics, medicine, the automobile industry and equipping intelligent homes. ViEye makes it simple to control devices (TVs, audio systems, air conditioners), making their interfaces intuitive and user-friendly. In 2012 it is planned to make samples of gesture recognition for the TV and conclude cooperation agreements with at least one of the manufacturers of TV sets. In addition, to continue cooperation with Sberbank of Russia, which already uses in its decision ViEye presentation equipment.