Computer Vision Systems received the highest rating of the Top 50 Russian startups

2 April 2014

Computer Vision Systems has once again proven its high investment attractiveness according to the Russian Startup Rating (RSR). The expert commission has assigned Viziware project the highest AAA rating in the Hi-Tech category for the third year in a row.

Russian Startup Rating is a platform that aggregates information about Russian startups and estimates their potential for success. The project is carried out by GreenfieldProject and Digital October Centre with the support of RVC OJSC. The Centre for Commercialisation of Innovations and Future Biotech are the industry partners of the project providing High-Tech and BioMed expertise. The expert commission includes entrepreneurs, venture funds, technology companies, and development institutions, as well as technical experts. The commission assesses potential startups in three key categories:

  • Product (whether the product declared might be created, and whether it has any commercial potential)
  • Market (is there a market niche the product might be targeting, what is its size and what is the probability that the product would be able to fill a significant part of it)
  • Team (is the team capable of creating and launching the business)

The Viziware project, the gesture recognition system for creating indoor / outdoor interactive advertising and obtaining data for measuring its effectiveness, received the highest marks in all three categories, confirming its high status among Russian startups. Computer Vision Systems is proud of the result and appreciates the opportunity to tell a wide range of experts, potential partners, and investors about the Viziware project. The Company also appreciates the high evaluation of the product's investment attractiveness by the expert commission. The team of Computer Vision Systems is confident that gaining the highest rating in the Top 50 of Russian startups will increase the success of the project both in Russia and abroad.