Viziware Is the Winner of the MIXX Awards at the Interact Barcelona 2013 Conference

5 June 2013

Computer Vision Systems together with Dutch partner EMEAGO launched a new front-runner product line Viziware for interactive digital advertisement and accurate measurement of its impact on consumers. The technology was recognised as the Innovation Solution of the Year and presented with a MIXX Award at the Interact Barcelona Conference.

Viziware, an innovative solution that allows consumers to interact with an advertising screen, proves that innovation doesn’t happen only in the Silicon Valley but is also very present in the European economy.

Alan Heureux said on behalf of the conference organiser IAB Europe, “I2C is an award that confirms the innovation and creativity of the design. It is an important part of the powerful evolution wave of European technological solutions. IAB Europe continues to look for the best of class and to focus its attention on them. We congratulate the Viziware team from the bottom of our hearts for their excellent invention.”

In the course of the two days of the conference, the Interact Barcelona attendees could watch how Viziware translates digital content into an interactive one that is controlled by gestures. How the sophisticated gesture-recognition software enables interacting with consumers and receiving feedback. How the system collects data for analysis on customer interaction. Using two standard cameras and a computer with specialized software, the system determines consumer response to interactive advertisement, which may be displayed on any screen indoors or outside. As a result, an advertiser can have a powerful marketing tool and a vast source of analytical data, which allow choosing the right marketing strategy and improve sales efficiency and brand loyalty.

Han Verbaas, the Viziware European Sales Director, thanked IAB Europe for recognition, “as newcomers to the industry, the MIXX Award is an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The victory confirms our vision that the Viziware technology is in demand by the media industry, and encourages us to grow.” He also added, “We are proud that we created a European joint venture with roots both in Russia and Netherlands.”