Timber industry

Technology for analyzing timber quantities

Project targets

Develop technology that lets timber suppliers and buyers measure timber stock and deliveries to a high degree of accuracy.

The job

CVS specialists delivered completely new technology that leverages video image analysis to measure timber quantities. All users have to do to get exact information is take pictures of a pile of wood from two sides. The program then processes the images to identify the number of logs, the density of the stack, and any other corrections that need to be accounted for. The solution was based on proprietary and patented algorithms and computing methodologies. In addition, there are options available for calculating bark quantities, wood quality (detecting rot), and several other parameters. The technology is perfect for logging companies large and small as an alternative that offers the accuracy of laser measurements without the cost involved in calculating manually.

Numbers and facts

The margin for error is less than 3%, with measurement accuracy coming in at 97-98%. By way of comparison, counting by hand registers an accuracy rate of 85-95%, and laser frames clock in at 90-95%.