Computer Vision Systems

is a leading Russian developer focused on
computer vision

What we do

Neural networks

  • Facial and object recognition
  • Developing brand new network architecture

Security sensors for UAVs, motor vehicles, and robots

  • Identifying static obstacles using stereo or neural networks, mobile obstacles using a video stream, the distance to the obstacle, road signs, and road irregularities
  • Tracking objects located in video streams in real time
  • Predicting trajectories of moving objects
  • 360-degree vision systems

3D reconstruction

  • Reconstructing scenes in motion from mono or stereo cameras, shots from different angles
  • Localizing cameras into already recorded scenes
  • Tracking scene changes by comparing clouds
  • Taking measurements in 3D scenes


  • Identifying surface defects using precise computations pulled from surface profiles
  • Clarifying and filling out 3D models using surface profile calculations

Analyzing warehouse supplies

  • Analyzing warehouse supplies by identifying what individual units look like

Gesture recognition

  • Gesture recognition in stereo

Stitching panoramas

  • 2D panorama stitching (360х180)
  • Stitching 360-degree video panoramas for surveillance systems

Support services

  • High-precision calibration for the internal parameters used by cameras and camera systems
  • Autocalibration for camera systems
  • Automatic compensation for camera movement
  • Pulling algorithms to different platforms (including built-in and mobile)

Patents for inventions

United States Patent

Stereo-approach Distance and Speed Meter

Russian Federation Patent

Способ и система отображения масштабных сцен в режиме реального времени

Russian Federation Patent

Устройство для определения расстояния и скоростей объектов на основе стереоподхода

Who we are

The company brings in world-class experts to work on innovative machine vision solutions. When you drill down to the heart of our hardware and software designed to process images and video, what you find is years of study put in our developers. They’ve dug deeply into pattern recognition, their research run as joint projects between St. Petersburg University’s system programming faculty and Lanit-Tercom.

We are part of the LANIT Group of IT Companies

Our solutions

A scientific framework, top-notch professionalism, and a continual hunt for new ideas lets us create breakthrough technology, unique algorithms, and software without peer anywhere else in the world. No matter how complex the job, our team finds the best, smartest, and most cost-effective solution. Our portfolio includes projects for Russian and foreign clients as well as some of our own patented developments.

Our partners