Consent to process personal information

Consent to process personal information

Website confidentiality policy

This confidentiality policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information, including personal data as interpreted by applicable legislation (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information), that Computer Vision Systems and/or its affiliated parties, including those in the same group as Computer Vision Systems (hereinafter referred to as CVS), may receive from you (hereinafter referred to as the User) as you use (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and its services.
Use of the Site’s services represents the implicit consent of the User to this Policy and the terms and conditions laid out therein for the processing of the User’s personal information. If the User chooses not to give their consent to the terms and conditions, they are to refrain from using the Site’s services.


1.1. The Policy understands the following to be understood as the User’s Personal Information:
1.1.1. The Personal Information the User provides on their own during the registration process (required to create an account) or while using the services, including the User’s own personal data. Information required in order to provide the services are indicated as such. Other information can be provided by the User at their discretion.
1.1.2. Data automatically collected by the Site’s services as they are being used by means of software installed on the User’s device, including IP addresses, cookie data, the User’s browser information (or information about another program being used to access the services), the technical specifications of the User’s software and hardware, the date and time the services are accessed, the addresses of accessed pages, and other information.
1.1.3. The Policy applies solely to the Site. CVS neither controls nor takes responsibility for the sites of third parties the User may access via links available on the Site.


2.1. CVS only collects and stores the personal information needed to provide the services or execute the agreements and contracts it has with the User or legal entities the User represents, with the exception of when legislation requires the storage of personal information for a set duration.
2.2. CVS processes the User’s Personal Information for the following purposes:
2.2.1. To identify the User as they register on the site in order to use the feedback form.
2.2.2. To contact the User, including to send alerts and requests associated with the use of the Site, the provision of services, or the processing of requests or applications sent by the User.
2.2.3. To provide the User with effective customer and technical support when problems arise having to do with the use of the Site.
CVS verifies neither the accuracy nor the completeness of the personal data provided by the User.


3.1. CVS stores the User’s Personal Information in accordance with CVS’s internal policies and procedures for specific services.
3.2. The User’s Personal Information is kept confidential except when the User voluntarily provides information about the User for unrestricted access by third parties. In order to use particular services, the User agrees that some of the User’s Personal Information will be made public.
3.3. CVS retains the right to transfer the User’s Personal Information to third parties in the following cases:
3.3.1. The User consented to such a transfer.
3.3.2. The transfer is made to Lanit employees or parties affiliated with CVS.
3.3.3. The transfer is required for the User to use a particular service or in order to execute an agreement or contract in place with the User.
3.3.5. The transfer is within the legal bounds set by Russian or other applicable legislation.
3.4. The User’s Personal Information is processed without a term set by legislation, including in personal information systems automated and not automated. The User’s Personal Information is processed in accordance with the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ) dated July 27, 2006.
3.6. CVS takes all necessary organizational and technical measures to secure the User’s Personal Information against illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure, and other wrongful actions taken by third parties.
3.7. CVS, along with the User, takes all necessary measures to avoid damage and other consequences that might arise due to the loss or disclosure of the User’s Personal Information.


4.1. CVS shall:
4.1.1. Use the information received exclusively for the purposes indicated in the Policy.
4.1.2. Maintain the security of all confidential information, not disclose it without obtaining the written consent of the User, and not sell, trade, publicize, or disclose by any other means the User’s Personal Information, with the exception of those cases listed in the Policy.
4.1.3. Take all precautionary measures to maintain the confidentiality of the User’s Personal Information in keeping with the procedures generally used to secure that kind of information in the context of doing business.
4.1.4. Block the User’s Personal Information the moment a request is submitted by the User, the User’s legal representative, or a party authorized to protect personal data in order to verify it should inaccurate personal data or wrongful activity be discovered.


5.1. The Site administration takes responsibility for all losses incurred by the User if the User’s Personal Information is wrongfully used by the Site administration, in keeping with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.2. The Site administration does not take responsibility for the loss or disclosure of confidential information in the following cases:
5.2.1. The confidential information was made public prior to its loss or disclosure.
5.2.2. The confidential information was received from a third party prior to being submitted to the Site administration.
5.2.3. The confidential information was disclosed with the consent of the User.


6.1. Prior to going to court regarding a dispute between the Site User and CVS, the offended party is obligated submit a complaint (a written proposal to voluntarily settle the dispute).
6.2. The recipient of the complaint has 30 calendar days from the receipt of the complaint to submit a written reply in reference to the offended party’s complaint.
6.3. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute, they shall go to court in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.4. The legislation of the Russian Federation applies to the Policy and the relationship between the User and the Site administration.


7.1. CVS retains the right to make changes to the Policy without the consent of the User.
7.2. The updated Policy goes into effect the moment it is published to the site unless otherwise indicated in the updated Policy.
7.3. All suggestions and questions related to the Policy can be submitted by email to